Our Story

Our story began 18 years ago. It was the fall of 2002, on the campus of Alabama A&M University. Upon registering for classes there was no way that this Accounting major and this Engineering major could have ever known how important this one class would have been for their futures.


We first laid eyes on each other in Dr. Chang’s class. Courtney was a cocky show off, who wanted everyone to know that he had spent his refund check on a laptop. The laptop that he was watching a movie on while walking into the classroom. Tnyka stopped at nothing to get Courtney’s attention. She went as far as kicking the back of his chair just to strike up a conversation. Let’s just say we found Chemistry in Physical Science class.


Throughout our friendship that later blossomed into a courtship, we began to learn more about each other and grow together. As the years went on our paths began to take different turns. Nevertheless, we always kept in touch. To no avail God’s intent to bring us back together was in the making.


God gave Courtney a vision to reach out to Tnyka with an expectation for a future for them both. Because of Tnyka’s open mind, open heart and no-nonsense mentality, love began to become a reality once again.


On June 25, 2020, Courtney took a knee, a knee in the sand asking Tnyka to take his hand while playing Roger and Zapp’s “I wanna be your man”.


Tnyka’s yes brings us to this point. A joining of two individuals becoming one union #atourownpace.